Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a referral to see Dr Aminazad?

To be eligible for Medicare Benefits, patients do need a valid referral at the time of their consult with Dr Aminazad. Referrals from Specialists and consultant physicians are valid for 3 months and referrals from GPs are valid for 12 months.

Will you send my claim to Medicare?

We Submit a claim for Medicare Benefits using your Medicare Online Account.

Can I get advice from Dr Aminazad over the phone?

RSDC is now offering a Telehealth consultation between a patient and health practitioner. Doctors at RSDC are happy to provide phone/video call consultation for patients/carers who can benefit from it.

Do I need a referral to have a lung function test done?

Lung function tests can be performed on any patient who has a referral from a doctor.

What is a sleep study?

Sleep study is an overnight assessment in a sleep laboratory (a comfortable room for sleeping) or at home to diagnose sleep breathing disorders such as sleep apnoea. Other sleep disorders including narcolepsy, night time behavior disorders and sleep related movement disorders may require sleep assessment in a laboratory.

Will my results be sent to my doctor?

A correspondence letter and a copy of your results will be sent to your referring doctor.

How much is the cost for the consultation and lung function test at RSDC?

Consultation costs with our doctors may vary depending on the patient assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management plan. Pensioners will be charged according to RSDC pension rate. They will be charged the full consult fee. ALL FEES MUST BE PAID ON THE DAY OF YOUR VISIT.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Please note that a non-attendance or cancellation of less than two business days’ notice may incur a fee. If you have any queries or wish to cancel or change your appointment, please call our rooms as soon as possible. This can give other patients a chance to be seen and treated should they need urgent appointments.