RSV Virus vaccination

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RSV virus vaccine (AREXVY) in now launched in Australia. It is the first adjuvanted RSV vaccine in Australia, addressing the burden of RSV-related complications in older adults. RSV infections are prevalent in late autumn and winter, but occur year-round. Vaccination has not been an option until now. The announcement encourages vaccination for individuals aged 60 and above due to the increasing hospitalisation rates associated with RSV infection in older adults, especially those with chronic conditions like COPD, asthma, heart failure, and diabetes.

AREXVY, an adjuvanted vaccine, demonstrates high efficacy (82.6%) against RSV lower respiratory tract disease in patients aged 60 and older. The vaccine  is specifically relevant for individuals with COPD, asthma, chronic respiratory or pulmonary diseases, heart failure, and diabetes. The safety profile is acceptable, with pain and fatigue being common injection-site and systemic reactions, respectively.

For further information, contact RSDC and find out if you are eligible for RSV vaccination.

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